Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Nora's New Earrings That She Made


Over the summer my oldest, Nora got her ears piered with birthday money.  Until now she's only worn her piercing earrings.... but while out of school for MLK day - she was invited by her penpal to attend their Girl Scout Troop's filed trip to Hobby Lobby and Jewerler Workshop and earn a new badge that will go on her new Junior uniform next year!  How cool is that?? 

She was so excited about her new earrings, and couldn't wait to wear them to school on Tuesday :)  "Please momma help me pull back all of my hair, so that everyone will be able to see my new stylish earrings!" :)

How can it be that she's already in grade 3 and acting so big???

Love from Indiana!

The best gifts are the home made ones right?

Over the summer I worked on my guild's "Challenge Quilt Project" and made a quilt from the given guidelines using the Easy Angle Rulers.  I let my 5 year old choose the fabrics and he helped quite a bit during the process of piecing and puting together the quilt top.  You may remember the Dino quilt if you follow me on facebook - as I shared photos of it there.  Why is it, that it's so easy to email a few pics to facebook and skip out on blogging about it??  Bad Bonnie!

Also during that same time I used a simple 4 patch and made my youngest daugher a Panda Bear quilt using her 2 favorite colors. Pink and Purple! Every little girls delight right? and her favorie animal too! 

Quiltaholic, a long time quilting frined that I fist met on the HGTV quilting forum, and then later met in person at a retreat, quiltied them for me and did an outstanding job!  Much more than what I expected!!!  WOW!

The quilts arrived on my door step on Christmas Eve - just in time to wrap them up (without the binding) and give them to the twins for Christmas!  A gift made by "Momma" ;) 
Love from Indiana!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Olivia slept tight!

The hardest part of getting the kids ready in the mornings usually begins with the task of waking them up.  See what I mean?  I let her sleep in until 6:45am before disturbing her - whereas Nora and Paul Thomas had been up (on their own) since 6:00am. 

I hate having to wake her up.  Look how sound she slept under 4 layers of covers.  She didn't move an inch the whole night!!!

Love from Indiana!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Any tips for "slowing down" time??

Gosh, it sure seems that I've gotten behind in posting before and blogged about how I desired to be a more regular.  Truth is after so long, it just gets harder and harder to get back into the swing of it again.  The hope of one day "catching up", the guilt of not catching up... overwhelming.

What's that saying the Flylady says? Something about just jump in where we are?  Well, I suppose I'll never get caught back up, but I've missed blogging so I'm gonna try and relearn how again.  Maybe I can re-establish my followers and regular readers.  Some have even found me on facebook and told me that they missed me. Thank you! ;)

The kids keep me running around like a chicken with my head cut off!  Tonight was our first try at "Family Fun Night" and Paul Thomas was a true Safety Manager's son... keepin' it safe as we played Jinga! :)

Until next time...
Love from Indiana!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Trick-or-Treating in Indiana!

We've had some very COLD days already this fall... but as of this week, it's pretty nice outside. Cool, yet just right so that the kids can play outside with just a jacket on and not get too cold at all.   

Today after school they came home and played on the deck for about an hour with me.  Olivia and I kicked the soccer ball back and forth while Paul Thomas rode his trike.

He has never once complained that it's too girly - he doesn't care that it's pink and purple hand me down from Nora... He just loves to get on it and GOoooo!

"Hey!! Just don't kick the soccer ball in my path pweeese!!!!"  

 I think Olivia could kick the ball back and forth all day if I stayed outside with her.  They did soccer camp for a week last summer and I think by the next season they'll be ready to play on a team.   
So while I was playing with Olivia and taking photos of her at the same time, I look over my shoulder and this is what I saw happening....  Paul Thomas taking a "break" :/ on the hand rail!
We didn't wait for David to get home from work to go with us downtown for the Town's Trick-or-Treating.  I called him before I stated getting them dressed and he left work and met us downtown.

Do you even realize how hard it is to get them to pose for a photo??  They are excited, and can't stand still and it doesn't help that Paul Thomas has on a 4 foot wings attachment and keeps knocking his sisters...  I tried my best, and kept clicking.... and clicking...  Nora was very patient with the twins.


Here we are downtown.  They had about 3 or 4 blocks of the main street blocked off and it was one huge street party with all the businesses on both sides of the streets giving out candy to the kids!

Santa was even there and he and Paul Thomas Danced together in the street doing the "Cupid Shuffle"


And the kids had a BIG TIME playing with these!  
 There was a pirate boat (like a tailor/float attached to a pickup parked in the middle of the street)  The kids climbed it and slid down the slide dozens of times. 
And sitting all around were 5 gallon buckets of soap and sticks.  Have you ever seen those HUMONGOUS BUBBLES???  The ones that are about 4-6 feet big??  Well we got to try making some and it was one big wet mess, but fun!

Can you spot my 'lil gobblins??? 

Love from Indiana!